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Glenn Dorsey "truly 50-50" for Sunday, according to Vic Fangio

The 49ers could have Glenn Dorsey back on the field sooner rather than later. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio discussed his status for this Sunday.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are getting closer to welcoming Glenn Dorsey back to action. He was activated last week to start his 21-day practice window, and there is a chance he could actually play this weekend. Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said it is possible Dorsey could be activated for this weekend, but that it is "truly 50-50" for him.

The 49ers released Demarcus Dobbs earlier this week, and have yet to fill his roster spot. There was some talk about whether or not Aldon Smith would fill that spot, but Dorsey makes more sense. The team has solid defensive line depth right now, but adding Dorsey would be a huge addition. Ian Williams is likely to retain the starting nose tackle role, but Dorsey can play anywhere along the line.

Tony Jerod-Eddie is currently the primary backup, with Quinton Dial moving into a bigger opportunity with Dobbs gone. When Dorsey returns, I would think he ends up at the top of the list, but he will likely work his way in slowly given how much time he has missed. Whether or not he is active this Sunday, I have to think Dial sees himself working in more and more. He had 6 snaps last week, and 17 snaps against the Broncos. The Broncos snaps came as the team went to more backups, but it was still some work. I could see Dial getting into double digits this Sunday.

In other injury news, Fangio said Patrick Willis was questionable for this weekend. He also said that if Willis does not get back on the practice field at some point this week, it might slip more to doubtful. Willis was limited last week, and Fangio said it involved only individual work. He did not view Willis as having a setback with no practice this week, but he did think it's just healing slower than anticipated.