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Fantasy football: FanDuelin' Week 10

Along with the weekly San Francisco 49er focused fantasy preview, the Fan Duelin’ series documents one man’s battle to turn a fantasy football addiction into cold hard cash through daily fantasy contests.

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Welcome back for another week of FanDuel fantasy football. Once again, we have a Niners Nation-specific FanDuel league. It has a $5 entry fee, and you can win up to $100. We've got 88 spots, so make sure and join in.

Week 9 Recap

I don't like to throw the word "hate" around, but I really do hate all 27 of you who finished ahead of me in the Niners Nation League last week.  This week, my blame finger is pointed towards Colin Kaepernick and Steve Smith Sr. who combined for a total of 16.9 points. Here is how my entire squad performed:

Niners Nation League Week 9 Final Roster

Colin Kaepernick $7800 - 10.66 points
Arian Foster $9400 - 18.9
Ronnie Hillman $7,200- 21.8
Steve Smith Sr. $7200 - 6.1
Odell Beckham Jr. $6600 - 19.6
DeAndre Hopkins $6900 - 36.7
Jordan Reed $5500- 2.2
Josh Scobee $4600- 5
Cleveland Browns $4800 - 9

Starting Bank: $60

Week 1: Lost $1
Week 2: Won $4/Lost $5
Week 3: Lost $5
Week 4: Lost $5
Week 5: Won $5
Week 6: Won $1.80/Lost $6
Week 7: Lost $6
Week 8: Lost $3.20

Current Bank: $38.40

This week I'm taking part in the Niners Nation game on FanDuel. It's a $5 entry fee and the contest pays out to the top 15 teams. Here is the team I plan to unleash on Sunday.


Aaron Rodgers (Packers) $9,900

A-A Ron traditionally dismantles the Chicago Bears at home. With Chicago's shaky pass defense I can't imagine that changes much.

Running Backs

Ronnie Hillman (Broncos) $7400

The only worry here is that the Broncos go up big early and Ronnie doesn't see much time in the second half as they give some of the bench players a shot. He is on a roll though and I'll ride this train until it derails. Especially at a RB2 price.

LeSean McCoy (Eagles) $7700

LeShady McCutback gets a tasty match-up against a Carolina defense that can't stop anyone these days. He'll likely be a popular pick with such a low price, but he is a safe play since he is involved in the rush and passing attack of an up tempo offense.

Wide Receivers

Juilio Jones (Falcons)  $8000

He was down his last game, but that was against Detroit in London. Look for him to right the ship against the Buccaneers' forgiving pass defense.

Percy Harvin (Jets) $6,600

He's averaged 11 targets and 7 receptions over the last 2 weeks. The Jets might be onto something with his usage. I think they finally put it all together and Harvin hits the end zone against the Steelers at home.

Stevie Johnson (49ers) $5500

With Crabtree playing very un-Crabtreesque and likely drawing a lot of attention from New Orleans' top corner, Keenan Lewis, Johnson has an opportunity to shine once again. I expect his targets to go up in what could be a shootout and he'll likely get a favorable matchup. Just have to hope Kaepernick is on his game.

Tight End

Owen Daniels (Ravens) $5400

Surprisingly, Daniels played last week shortly after having his knee scoped. When he has played as the starter he has been consistently good in fantasy. That shouldn't change against the Titans who'll make the trip to B-more this Sunday.


Matt Bryant (Falcons) $4500

I doubt the Buccaneers shut out the Falcons. Bryant should have his opportunities and he is dirt cheap this week.


Detroit Lions $5000

If Ryan Tannehill is going to come back down to earth then it should be this week. Detroit has been one of the best defenses in the league and they are coming off a bye