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Updated look at the 49ers salary cap situation

Jason Hurley takes a look at the 49ers current salary cap situation after all the transactions, and deactivations that they have made/had since week 1

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The San Francisco 49ers have had a fairly busy season of injuries and roster transactions through the first nine weeks of the season. Earlier this week, the team signed running back Kendall Hunter to a contract extension, and waived defensive tackle Demarcus Dobbs. Given the recent run of transactions, and soon to be returning players, I thought I would take a look at some salary cap odds and ends.

With all the recent transactions, and deactivations that the 49ers have had, the 49ers are now approximately $5,695,020 under the 2014 salary cap. Here are the moves made thus far, and salary cap ramifications.

Kendall Hunter: Had his contract extended through the 2015 season. He received a $660,000 base salary, $100,000 signing bonus, $85,000 per game roster bonus, and $25,000 workout bonus. His 2015 salary cap number should be $820,000. I'm still awaiting word on any incentives that Hunter may have in his new deal.

Marcus Lattimore: Announced his retirement, leaving 2014 dead money totaling $322,204, and 2015 dead money totaling $150,292. The 49ers technically could ask for some of his signing bonus money back, and save some of that cap space, but they will not do that. They did not do it with Glenn Coffee, so they certainly will not do it with Marcus Lattimore. Aside from that, the 49ers will save $172,942 in 2014, $509,584 in 2015, and $735,146 in 2016.

Vernon Davis: Missed a total of 2 games this season, and the 49ers saved $25,000 a week in game day roster bonus money, or $50,000 total.

Mike Iupati: Missed 1 game with a concussion, and the team saved $18,750 in salary cap room from his game-day roster bonus.

Anthony Davis: Has been inactive for a total of 5 games. He has a $1 million roster bonus, tied to the game-day active roster, which has saved the 49ers $62,500 each week, or $312,500 total.

Demarcus Dobbs: Was waived this week, leaving 2014 dead money totaling $757,588. This covers 10 weekly checks of a $1.431 million base salary. The team did save $673,412 in salary cap room for the remainder of 2014.

Aldon Smith: As we all know by now, he was suspended for 9 games, and as a result he lost $1,236,946 in wages for 2014. His salary broke down to $137,439 for each game missed. He did however get paid for the bye week. Unfortunately for the 49ers, Smith was not re-instated by the NFL early, and will miss all 9 games. He should be back for the 49ers game next Sunday in East Rutherford, New Jersey, against the New York Giants.

Patrick Willis: Missed 2 games with an injured toe. He has a roster bonus tied to game-day active status. The 49ers gained $46,875 in cap room from his toe injury. He is questionable for Week 10.

NaVorro Bowman: He has spent the season on the reserve/PUP list. He had a roster bonus totaling $750,000. It broke down into per-game bonuses based on being active each week. Through eight games missed, the 49ers have saved half of the bonus. It consists of eight game checks at $46,875 each, totaling $375,000.

Tramaine Brock: Has been out with a toe injury, missing six of eight games this season. The 49ers have saved $20,000 each week, or $120,000 total.

If the 49ers were to stand pat with their current salary cap space, and carry it over for 2015, they would be $588,912 under the 2015 salary cap. This is based on the cap rising to $144 million per team. They will save additional money however since Willis and Brock could sit out this weekend, and Bowman will not be returning quite yet.

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