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Fantasy football start/sit advice, Week 10: 49ers vs. Saints

It'll be interesting to see the 49ers offensive approach in a must win game against the Saints. The San Francisco defense has held strong, but the injuries are piling up and the New Orleans offense is tough to contain at home or on the road. It's a high stakes contest and potentially a buffet of fantasy points. Here is who to start, sit and avoid.

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Must Starts

Anquan Boldin: The only reliable fantasy receiver in San Francisco should continue to hold that title Sunday. His ceiling may be 7 receptions for 100 yards and a TD, but there is a good chance he gets near that his week as the Niners will need to pass to keep up with the Saints.

Drew Brees: It's Drew Brees in the Superdome, you start him. 300 yards passing and at least 2 TDs seems almost guaranteed even with a tough matchup. His outlook gets brighter if Patrick Willis isn't around to cover Jimmy Graham. He should still be able to torment the San Francisco secondary if the Niners can't generate a consistent pass rush.

Jimmy Graham: He's more of a beast at home than on the road, but his history against the Niners isn't spectacular. In two regular season games he has averaged 5 receptions, 37 yards and no touchdowns. However, a 49er defense without Bowman and Willis presents an opportunity for Graham to continue his hot streak.

Mark Ingram: His 100 yard rushing streak likely ends this week, but he should have the backfield mostly to himself if Khiry Robinson and Pierre Thomas both sit again. He is more of a upper level RB2 than RB1 this week, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets 2 TDs with less than 70 yards rushing.

Quality Starts

Colin Kaepernick: Trust me folks, Kaepernick is better than how he has performed recently. Unfortunately, we're getting close to the fantasy playoffs and avoiding risk is the name of the game. Kaep is a decent start in 2 QB leagues, but a risky play even with a favorable scenario this week.

Frank Gore: Gore is in the same boat as Kaepernick. He may have lost a step, but he is capable of playing much better. However, he is falling in to FLEX territory. He is essentially Steven Jackson at this point. If you are starting him you are praying for a touchdown. It could happen this week as the Saints have surrendered 8 rushing touchdowns, but as TLC said "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls".

Michael Crabtree: He is getting the targets, but that is about the only positive with Crabs right now. Once a PPR darling, he's been barely usable the past two games in any format. The possibility of a shootout makes him an intriguing WR3 play, but he could draw the Saint's best corner, Keenan Lewis. It's not a death sentence as the primary receiver going against New Orleans has generally done well this season, but Lewis is coming on a bit.


Vernon Davis: This is why I hate having to play tight ends. There are only 2-3 consistent options and everyone else is completely hit or miss. It's been mostly miss with Davis since week 2. No one will blame you for looking elsewhere since the Saints tend to cover tight ends extremely well. When's the last time we even saw a deep ball to Vernon? Don't answer that question if it happened last week, I missed the game.

Marques Colston: Not a guy you can usually trust these days, but odds are one of the Saints receivers has a big game. Good luck figuring out who that will be given how Brees spreads the love in this offense.


Stevie Johnson: Out of all the San Francisco receivers, Johnson is my favorite to have a big game. With Crabs and Boldin drawing a lot of attention, Stevie should have plenty of opportunities to find openings in middle tier pass defense.

Brandin Cooks: As all Saints wide receivers, he could go for 100 yards and a 2 TDs or 3 receptions for 30 yards. His speed and versatility make him a good bet to take advantage of the 49er secondary, but he isn't getting the targets or usage to make him a sure shot yet.