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49ers headed back to Santa Clara, not Youngstown

The 4ers elected to travel back to Santa Clara following their Week 10 win over the Saints. They could have gone to Youngstown, but the veterans likely vetoed it. On to Week 11!

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The San Francisco 49ers are officially on their way back to Santa Clara following Sunday's win over the New Orleans Saints. There was some talk this week about whether or not the team would spend the week in Youngstown, Ohio between the Saints game, and their Week 11 game at the New York Giants. Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke both said it would be discussed, but after the game Harbaugh said they were heading back to the Bay Area.

This is not exactly a shocking piece of news, but it will make for a long trip to New York later this week. The 49ers departed for New Orleans Friday afternoon, and I suspect we'll see the same departure time this coming Friday for New Jersey. They could even decide to bump up their Friday practice in order to get a little more used to the time, and get them out to New Jersey before too late Friday night.

The 49ers are an early favorite, with some offshore lines setting them as field goal favorites. We'll keep an eye out for some more opening line details as things shake out into tomorrow.