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Jim Harbaugh gives Greg Roman vote of confidence, moves past Jed York questions

Jim Harbaugh had a chance to address his status with the 49ers, as well as his the status of his offensive coordinator. He provided an endorsement for Greg Roman, but otherwise stone-walled on the questions.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media today, and as is often the case, he tried to stick to his specific talking points. He spoke briefly about the Raiders, but the questions were more about the drama that has unfolded. We even got a snarky question from Mark Purdy, asking Harbaugh which team he would be coaching this weekend (Purdy laughed as he asked, Harbaugh sort of snickered).

First and foremost, he gave Greg Roman a vote of confidence as offensive coordinator. Someone asked if Roman would remain the play-caller, and Harbaugh said yes, and that he has unwavering support in all the coaches and players. Some will be disappointed by this response, but I don't think anybody can be overly surprised but it.

This marked his first press conference since last Thursday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Jed York had tweeted out his dissatisfaction as the game wrapped up, so Jim Harbaugh was able to deflect the couple of questions related to that. However, with a few days time since then, the deflection required a little more skill.

When Harbaugh does not want to answer certain questions, he frequently goes to the well with a particular catch phrase. On Monday, that phrase was, "We want to attack this week and get it right." He said that in response to numerous questions about his status with the team, and his relationship with Jed York. When asked about his future, he said he did not worry about his future, and felt like he had a recessive gene that precluded him from thinking about his future.

I don't know how this whole situation will play out, but Harbaugh is going to stick to his guns through to the end.