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Bruce Miller comments on 49ers run game issues

49ers fullback Bruce Miller chatted with the media on Monday, and had some interesting comments about the run game's struggles. What do you make of it?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers conducted a practice today, and that was followed by media availability with the players. The 49ers run game has been frequently inconsistent, and Bruce Miller chimed in on it.

We've had plenty of discussions about the state of the offense, but it is always nice to hear from the players. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman will be meeting with the media on Thursday, and hopefully someone asks him about these comments. The inability to confuse defenses is not exactly an inspiring statement. This would seem to indicate in some way that the 49ers offensive line cannot do enough one-on-one to overcome the lack of confusion in the run game. That would seem to indicate some mix of talent and scheme problems.