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This 49ers program stand might be useful for an office

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The city of San Francisco is in the midst of preparing to tear down Candlestick Park, but there is still plenty of property out there. Over on eBay, someone is selling a program stand. You can see one picture above, and check out a few more at the listing. The listing has 9 bids, and is up to $182.50 with just under two days remaining.

I have to admit, this is kind of tempting. They say if you spend a lot of time at a computer, it is healthier to be standing during your work. One could potentially place a laptop on this and stand there doing work. I might have to talk to the Vox Media finance department about acquiring this!

Speaking of Candlestick, the folks at Curbed SF took a drone and flew it around the stadium. There are some pretty cool, and slightly eery pictures from the Stick.