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Ray McDonald, Brandon Lloyd broke up fight at hotel last Friday

We have had plenty of beef with the folks at TMZ, but on Wednesday they actually had a story about the San Francisco 49ers that painted them in a positive light. Well, at least enough of a positive light.

According to TMZ, Ray McDonald and Brandon Lloyd were hanging out at the Rosewood hotel in Menlo Park late Friday night (around 2 a.m.), when a fight broke out involving a man and two women. The three people were drunk and start yelling at each other, and generally going at it. McDonald and Lloyd helped break them up before departing once everything calmed down to some extent.

TMZ has some surveillance video, that mostly just shows the drunk people. McDonald and Lloyd are there at the beginning, but then are off camera for most of the rest of it. The highlight is probably at the 1:35 mark when one of the girls throws her drink at the hotel front desk. Other than that, there's not much to see, but at least Lloyd and McDonald did not get in trouble.