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Anthony Davis, Chris Culliver in blue non-contact jerseys as 49ers practice at indoor facility

The 49ers are back at practice on Thursday, but elected to move indoors due to the rain. Here is an early look at some of the participants.


The San Francisco 49ers have had to move their Thursday practice indoors due to what some have dubbed #HellaStorm. The Bay Area is dealing with a significant amount of wind and rain, with power out in big chunks of San Francisco. Although we certainly hope everybody remains safe, the drought conditions in California will hopefully improve with all this rain.

The 49ers relocated to a nearby indoor facility, and the beat writers have a few pictures from the start of practice. The media are allowed to take pictures during the individual portion, but not during the team drills. That allowed them to see that Anthony Davis and Chris Culliver were both at practice wearing blue non-contact jerseys.

For Davis, this is another big step forward in his return from a concussion. If he does not experience symptoms today or tomorrow, he will then likely go through a very basic contact drill on Saturday. If he passes that, he will be allowed to play on Sunday. That does not guarantee he will play, but it would at least provide the 49ers with the opportunity to get him back into the starting lineup.