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Raiders 'quite possibly' could make big bid for Jim Harbaugh

The Jim Harbaugh rumors continue to swirl. Mike Silver is reporting the Oakland Raiders might make a "big, big bid" for the 49ers coach.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The return of Thursday Night Football last night meant we got the full NFL Network pre- and post-game shows, with all the news and rumors you could want. We get news outside of the pre- and post-game shows, but the media folks seem to enjoy saving the big stuff for those shows when they can get maximum eyeballs.

Mike Silver made an appearance and had a report on Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ersSilver said "Expect the Raiders, quite possibly, to make a big, big bid to get [Harbaugh]."

I did not hear this live, but rather saw the @NFLNetwork tweet, so I cannot offer any insight into the tone. However, the wording of his comments in that tweet is kind of odd. The inclusion of "quite possibly" strikes me as an easy way to cover for himself if nothing actually happens. I suppose that is just what a smart reporter will do to cover his butt, but it is still a little odd.

I'd be curious to know what exactly constitutes a "big, big bid" at this point. The 49ers have leverage in terms of Harbaugh having one more year on his contract, but it would seem like the entire NFL is operating under the impression that this relationship is not going to last. That would seem to make it easier for a team to get Harbaugh for less than what might otherwise be expected.

Everybody references the Jon Gruden trade, which involved a pair of first round picks and a pair of second round picks. I would not expect nearly that kind of haul, but maybe Raiders will be Raiders and the 49ers can fleece them of a bunch of picks. I'd prefer the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh work out whatever needs to be worked out, but if there will be changes, I'd happily take a bunch of Raiders draft picks.