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Pro Bowl voting results: 49ers not getting much love

The 49ers are not very well represented in Pro Bowl voting. Voting ends Monday, so maybe we can get some 49ers into the game.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have struggled throughout the season, and it has cut into their potential Pro Bowl candidates. Injuries have removed numerous big name players, and it is taking time for the under the radar guys to move up the voting radar. The Pro Bowl fan vote often rewards guys who have historically been good (thus rewarding some players who aren't playing particularly well that given year), and notable players on good teams. We've seen that quite a bit with the 49ers in recent years.

Fan voting ends this Monday, so if you want to help boost the 49ers votes, head over and vote now. The 49ers have minimal representation thus far, which I suppose is not a huge surprise. In the most recent results, the only players appearing were Joe Staley (10th among offensive tackles) and Perrish Cox (9th among cornerbacks). According to Cam Inman, Antoine Bethea is sixth among safeties (the safety list on the above link was only top five).

The vote is broken into thirds, with players and coaches also chiming in. The players that get the fan vote are likely to make the rosters, but plenty of deserving players will get the player and coach vote to climb onto the roster. My guess is we see a few 49ers, although it probably will not be all that significant. Justin Smith and Ray McDonald are both worthy, and Chris Borland might have a chance in the player and coach vote. On offense, there really isn't a lot I can see happening to get players on the roster. It's just another sign of the disappointment we have seen this season.

On the defensive side of the ball, I'd love to see Antoine Bethea get recognition given his very solid season. Make sure to head over and vote when you get some time between now and Monday.