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Jim Harbaugh talks Pete Carroll, injuries, practice

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media Friday afternoon to wrap up the team's preparations for Sunday. We've got a full transcript.

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Jim Harbaugh held his regular Friday press conference, and it was a fairly low key affair. He talked a bit about the Seahawks, and even got a chance to respond to Pete Carroll complimenting him and calling him a "stud". Harbaugh said he felt the same way about Carroll. This has been a fairly low key week between the two teams, although some of that might have to do with the 49ers struggles. Previous game weeks were not exactly loaded with tension, but it does seem a little different this time around.

I'm assuming you guys had to change things up a little bit yesterday as far as the practice plan with that small enclosure that you guys were in. Did that impact you guys much as far as how you normally have a practice week?


In what ways?

"We weren't able to run full speed, so, it physically impacted us quite a bit. But, still got some good things out of it. Felt we were full speed mentally and had good work in that regard. But it does impact you, yes."

How do you measure that? How do you go full-speed mentally when you can't be full-speed physically?

"Your concentration on your alignment, your assignment."

The fact that it was indoors, did that allow you to kind of simulate the noise better than you could, maybe, outside?

"No, not better. It was simulated pretty good outside."

Did you do that at all yesterday? Were you able to bring speakers in, do anything like that?

"Yeah, there were some speakers there."

How did C Marcus Martin look as far as being able to play on Sunday?

"Still determining that. He's done some limited things."

And T Anthony Davis?

"No. No for the game."

He's out?


Does that mean that he was still experiencing symptoms this week?


At what point does this become a bigger concern than maybe previous concussions that you've dealt with over the years?

"When does it become a concern? It's always a concern when you're talking about the head, or about the spine, the heart. Those are always big concerns."

We're almost a month away from the initial blow. Does he have to go in and take additional tests? I've never covered somebody who's been dealing with it a month out from it like this. Uncharted territory for me at least. How are you guys handling it?

"He's in communication with the trainers and the doctors. The professionals are handling it."

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had a lot of complimentary things to say about you, including that there's no one he would rather play against in regards to the way you coach and the way you prepare your team. Do you feel the same way about playing the Seahawks?

"He's a great competitor. He's a great football coach. Been in a lot of big games. Very much look forward to playing against their team because they're such a good football team. Always well prepared. At the highest level every time you play against them."

What do you see in their defense? Their defense has really picked it up the last three or four games. What do you see that's allowed them to take it to the next level defensively?

"Well, I don't know if they went to a next level. It's always been at the highest level defensively. Number one defense. That's not a new level for them. Just really good. Really good. People talk about the noise, the crowd noise. That's at the highest level as well, but it's the team, it's the football team that's the highest level and the biggest challenge."

Pete also said you had some good coaching magic and he said you're a stud.

"[Laughter] Did he?"

That's a lot of praise. Does your antenna go up and you want to kick him in the shin when you hear stuff like this?

"I feel the same way about him."

He's a stud?