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You can't check other people's lineups before Sunday kickoff, but I figured I would share my lineup and get your thoughts. I was able to use all but $100 of my salary cap space, and while there are some questionable choices in there, I like to think they all have some kind of upside.

I always try and pair a quarterback with his best receiver or tight end. It's a risky strategy if they don't come through, but if you hit on the game, it is a big help. For this weekend, I decided to go with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson at home against the Minnesota Vikings. I was intrigued by some other matchups, but this strikes me as a potentially big opportunity. The Vikings are middle of the pack when it comes to pass defense, so it is not the perfect matchup. Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery would probably be a great one given their matchup with the New Orleans Saints. However, I think Stafford is a slightly safer play with more upside in Megatron.

My running backs are the biggest question mark, as I went with Latavius Murray and Isaiah Crowell. If the Raiders are going to upset the Chiefs, they will have to establish the ground game. I could see the Chiefs running away from Oakland, but given what we've seen of the Raiders the last few weeks, I think they could keep this thing close. As for Crowell, I think the Browns try and establish the run game to put Johnny Manziel in a better situation. One tempting option is grabbing Manziel and Josh Gordon instead. What do you think?

I did take one member of the San Francisco 49ers, grabbing Anquan Boldin. If the 49ers are going to make Sunday's game remotely interesting, they will need to find some measure of consistency on offense. In the passing game, Anquan Boldin would seemingly be the guy who could help with that.

I did take the Chiefs defense opposite Latavius Murray, so that actually might be one that I switch out. Or I dump Murray and find a cheap running back as well. I'm not entirely sure yet. That being said, my lineup is otherwise just about set.