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Eric Wright is not pleased with the BS Eric Reid personal foul in 49ers-Seahawks

The San Francisco 49ers gave up a field goal early against the Seattle Seahawks, set up by a personal foul against Eric Reid. It was a bad call, and former 49ers cornerback Eric Wright voiced his opinion.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers found themselves trailing the Seattle Seahawks 3-0 midway through the first quarter, and that field goal came in no small part to a 15-yard personal foul called against Eric Reid. The 49ers safety blew up Seahawks wide receiver Paul Richardson on a pass play over the middle. He hit Richardson in the shoulders, and Richardson had taken several steps before lowering his body, but that was not enough to avoid the penalty.

It was a ridiculous penalty, but I was not overly surprised it was called given the recent history of NFL referees when it comes to so-called defenseless players. It is BS, but it happens. And former 49ers cornerback Eric Wright is pissed, but is not shocked by it. He spent a limited amount of time with the 49ers, but grew up in San Francisco as a 49ers fan. It is not surprising that he is getting into this game.

Here's one version of the play. We'll find a slower version.