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Nick Moody called for horrible roughing the passer penalty

What do you know, another horrible call by NFL officials.

The NFL continues to collapse into a league where you eventually will not even be able to touch a quarterback. The San Francisco 49ers had forced an incompletion on third down, getting pressure on quarterback Russell Wilson. Nick Moody dove at Wilson, and the refs proceeded to call him for leading with the helmet.

The GIF below shows Moody taking down Wilson and the face of his helmet is in Wilson's body. I really have no idea what Moody was supposed to do on that play, and I guarantee you lead official Ed Hochuli, and NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino don't know either. I realize that things are happening in the moment, but everything about this looked fine. One would hope the league would at least allow review on such plays in the future, but for Sunday, it will not matter. It's hard for me to get overly pissed anymore because this has become a regular occurrence. I don't even know what to do at this point.