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Golden Nuggets: The soap opera season ends

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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It came down to this. It had to end this way. Same exact way the Niners season ended last season. At the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. But unlike last season, this season ended early. Not in the NFC Championship Game. Not in the playoffs. But in Week 16 of the NFL season. Sure, the team still has to play 2 more games. The Faithful will watch those games, but it's a emptier feeling this time around. This season seemed to last longer than most seasons due to the drama week in and week out. That blame can go straight to the top. Jed York, Trent Baalke, and Jim Harbaugh let their egos ruin this season. Injuries and poor play played a major part. But how often does dysfunction in management equal sporting success? Not often. Egos ruined what could have been a good season.

Now, where does the team go with these last 2 games? It is player evaluation time. It is a player's chance to show what they have for Harbaugh or a new head coach that could be watching from afar. Some players we know are probably not coming back. Bye Vernon Davis. Thanks for your years of service, but you seemed lost/uninterested this year. Bye Michael Crabtree. Thanks for what you have done, but I think you want a bigger contract than Niner fans/management think you deserve. Bye Ahmad Brooks. You are a good player, but you cost too much and an Aldon Smith/Aaron Lynch duo is exciting for Niner fans. Of course there are others, but these 3 seem destined to be gone.

I'm still holding out hope that York, Baalke, and Harbaugh grow up and realize the good thing they have. If they each did their job, they would be fine. But, they turned the season into a soap opera for the whole NFL to see. The dysfunction was almost as bad as Washington and Chicago. Hopefully at this meeting they plan to have at the end of the season, they look at each other and see that their goals are exactly the same. The same as all of us fans. Get us that damn Super Bowl!

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