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Jets owner 'accidentally' favorites Fire Idzik tweet

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

The world of Twitter can be a crazy place. New York Jets owner Woody Johnson discovered that earlier today. As is the case with San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York (and probably any owner of a struggling team that is on Twitter), Johnson gets plenty of tweets demanding people be fired. Rex Ryan is plenty controversial, but the big movement has been to fire general manager John Idzik.

On Monday, Johnson stepped in a bit of a hornet's nest when he favorited a tweet calling for Idzik to be fired.

Whoops. Tuesday evening, Johnson finally responded to the action:

I actually believe him when he says it was inadvertent. I've made a similar mistake when checking Twitter on my phone, and on Tweetdeck. On Tweetdeck, the favorite option is right next to the button to get embed code for a tweet. On mobile, fat fingers can easily get in the way of things.

That being said, Twitter has brought owners that much closer to the fans, and these things will happen. Just in my Twitter feed, I see an endless amount of people including @JedYork to get him to fire Greg Roman, or fire Trent Baalke, or not get rid of Jim Harbaugh. The tweets are endless, and I have a hunch they will only increase in early January as a potential decision is made. We'll see if Jed accidentally favorites one such tweet. It might at least relieve a little of the tension.