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Ray McDonald home served with search warrant amidst rape allegation

San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald is under investigation for rape. A search warrant was served Tuesday evening.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Fooch's Update: Ray McDonald has been released

ABC 7 News is reporting police have served a search warrant at the home of San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald in connection with an investigation into a rape allegation. Damian Trujillo first reported the warrant was served last night. ABC 7's Vic Lee is reporting the allegation of rape came within the last eight days, and the judge signed the search warrant on Tuesday. A search warrant has a probable cause standard, which requires a reasonable belief a crime has occurred. That differs from the standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt" in the court system.

We have no other information at this point, but will keep an eye out as details emerge. I'll keep this thread updated with tweets of any new information that arrives. It is too soon to speculate on anything, but we will be here to keep you looped in as new information arrives. This obviously will be a developing story.

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