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Michigan offer to Jim Harbaugh might not be accurate

This is not remotely surprising. Bruce Feldman is reporting the $8 million/year offer is not accurate. The nonsense games are picking up steam.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

FOX Sports reporter Bruce Feldman is reporting the previous reports of an $8 million a year offer are not accurate. He did not clarify if the money reported was too high, too low, or if there is no plans for such an offer. We are knee-deep in anonymous sources, and it will remain that way until Jim Harbaugh's situation is rectified in some form or fashion.

We'll never know a lot of with certainty, but my guess is David Dunn, or someone in Team Harbaugh other than Harbaugh leaked that $8 million number. They leaked it to effectively set the floor for Jim Harbaugh's next contract. That was followed by somebody connected with Michigan deciding they did not want to get this negotiation out of hand before it begins. They told Feldman no such offer had been made. And so, the game moves along.

And with regard to all these media, it really is all a game to get the next big scoop. Pro Football Talk broke down the best most recent example of it in solid detail. Russell Wilson previously had two agents, but has let one go. That should be viewed as a firing, but Adam Schefter softened it by saying Wilson was making a change. Why would Schefter soften it? If he breaks the news on Wilson's eventual contract extension, it is safe to say this particularly story was softened to keep Wilson's image squeaky clean.

Another example is an interesting article about Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski and his relationship with Joe Dumars. According to the report, over the years, Dumars fed Woj with all sorts of information, and in return, Woj was generally pretty kind to him even as the Pistons were melting down.

This is not to say Harbaugh will not end up at Michigan. Anything is on the table. However, it is important to remember that many of these reporters that claim objectivity are anything but objective. There are plenty of good, fairly objective reporters, and there are plenty of reporters that are anything but objective in many instances. David Dunn will continue to play plenty of national reporters like fiddles, and we'll be left with all sorts of speculation.

And just think, we're likely looking toward at least another week and half of this, if not more!