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Adam Schefter with a dump of Jim Harbaugh, Michigan rumors

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Friday afternoon has brought one more dump of Jim Harbaugh rumors, this time from ESPN's Adam Schefter. With only a week and a half left until the end of the NFL season, actual news will start happening after that. The rumor mill is only going to heat up in the meantime as people want to get their rumors out there before rumors no longer matter. Good times!

Here are some of the notable points in Schefter's report based on the ever elusive "sources":

  • Jim Harbaugh's family/friends are encouraging him to take the Michigan job
  • He is torn because he wants to remain in the NFL, but there is the emotional connection with Michigan
  • Harbaugh wants to finish coaching the season and get through the December 29 "player getaway day" before making his final decision soon after
  • His agent has a good idea of the NFL options
  • Michigan needs to figure something out soon because recruiting is in full swing
  • Jack Harbaugh likes Michigan AD Jim Hackett and might be pushing in that direction
  • Sarah Harbaugh is fine with going back to Ann Arbor

This does not tell us a whole lot of new information, although it does compile it into a tidy single article. I do not doubt that the Michigan job does intrigue Jim Harbaugh. However, I still think the lure of the NFL will win the day, whether it be a new job, or sticking with the 49ers. Considering Jim Harbaugh's team took a step back in 2014, does he really turn tail and run for college?

I suppose that might be overstating it because he has had tremendous success in a short period of time in the NFL. And we know he is a different sort of dude. But does he see Pete Carroll and his brother winning the last two Super Bowls and decide, "I'll just head to Ann Arbor and not let this eat at me at all"? Maybe he's fine with that, but given what we have seen of his personality, does that seem likely?