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Brady Hoke fired by Michigan, Jim Harbaugh not a candidate, per report

The San Francisco 49ers have plenty of questions about their coaching staff, particularly in light of the news that Brady Hoke has been fired at Jim Harbaugh's alma mater. However, one report indicates Harbaugh is not a candidate.

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Michigan has fired head coach Brady Hoke, according to numerous reports, which means the Jim Harbaugh-to-Michigan rumors can pick up further. We've heard mentions of Michigan in some form or fashion throughout the past year, but it is possible it was always a red herring. According to, multiple sources said that Jim Harbaugh told Michigan he is not a candidate.

With any Internet reports from sites we do not know much about, it is always worth taking things with a grain of salt. I did speak with some of SB Nation's college folks, and they said they are a reliable source of information with regard to their college news. I'm sure plenty could change, but this would seem to remove Michigan from the radar for now.

There has been plenty of discussion about Jim Harbaugh's future, with colleges included in the mix. However, as plenty have said, Harbaugh leaving the NFL for college at this point does not make sense. Had Harbaugh won a Super Bowl it might make some sense, but if he leaves the 49ers after this season (or maybe even after next season) and does not have a Lombardi Trophy, it seems unlikely that he will go running to the college ranks. We probably should not put anything past Harbaugh at this point, but for now, until he gets a Lombardi, I'm not holding my breath that this thing ends with him at Michigan (or Kansas, or Florida, or pick your college).