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Marcus Lattimore discusses retirement, Jim Harbaugh in the locker room

Marcus Lattimore made an appearance on the CBS Sports show "We Need To Talk", and he had a chance to discuss a variety of topics. I've embedded the video above, but I also thought I would drop in a few pertinent quotations below. He discussed San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, and also why he decided to retire. It is interesting, and kind of cool, that Lattimore still refers to the 49ers as we. He is no longer listed on the 49ers roster page, but clearly still feels like part of the team.


Marcus Lattimore: Coach Harbaugh is a football player. He loves football.  If he could be out there right now he would. He's so competitive. The vibe in the locker room is that the players love him. We love everything he does... I love Coach Harbaugh and so do the other players. We are not having the greatest season, but look at his track record. We went to the Super Bowl. We went to back-to-back NFC Championships. It's hard to get a win in the NFL. I think we will be fine.


Lattimore: I put blood, sweat and tears into everything. (The second knee injury) was painful, and I became just a body after that. I did not feel like myself at all (with) any movements that I was doing - running the ball or catching the ball. I knew football was over with for me. I had to make a grown-up decision. I cried. I prayed about it. I'm at peace with it.