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GIF of Colin Kaepernick's 90-yard touchdown run, second longest in 49ers history

The San Francisco 49ers might be playing for pride, but it's providing for an entertaining Week 16 matchup. The 49ers head into the fourth quarter leading the San Diego Chargers 35-21, with the offense putting up some big plays. The lead has been capped by a huge touchdown run by quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers were facing a 2nd and 6 at their own ten yard line, when Kap escaped from the pass rush, an emerged out of the pocket nearly in full stride.

The GIF below shows his track type speed as Kap just blows past several Chargers defenders. A flag was thrown on the play, but it was an illegal contact call against the Chargers. The score stood, and Kap came close to a 49ers record. The 90-yard run was the second longest touchdown run in franchise history. The record belongs to Garrison Hearst, who ran for a 96-yard score in overtime to beat the New York Jets.