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Bruce Arians leaning toward Logan Thomas to start for Cardinals in Week 17

The 49ers have one last game before this train wreck of a season comes to an end. They face a Cardinals squad with serious quarterback question marks heading into the playoffs.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There are slightly bigger fish to fry for 49ers fans, but in the meantime, there is some news for this weekend's game against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals will be playing in January, but they are scuffling in their efforts to boost their seeding. Injuries have left them to a decision between Ryan Lindley and Logan Thomas at quarterback, and after Sunday's ugly loss to the Seahawks, Arizona is looking for the lesser of two evils. Head coach Bruce Arians did not have a final decision in mind, but said he was leaning toward Logan Thomas for Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Cardinals clinched a wild card berth prior to this past weekend, and still have a shot at the NFC West title with a win and Seahawks loss to the Rams. Both games will be going on at the same time, so the Cardinals's division chances will remain alive, and thus they'll be playing to win. The 49ers could play spoiler for Arizona, or they could improve their own draft pick chances and potentially boost the Cardinals to the division title.

I'll be watching Sunday's game, but I am not overly concerned about the final score. If they play well and win, I can live with that, but I certainly would have no problem with an improved draft pick. The 49ers have a lot of talent right now, but with salary cap issues always present, they need to continue finding talent in April. The higher the pick the better in terms of either finding talent, or trading down in the first to stockpile some picks.

I'd say the 49ers should be able to beat a Cardinals squad led by Logan Thomas, but we've seen that there is nothing remotely predictable about this 49ers team.