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Jim Harbaugh on his future: 'What will happen, will happen. What won't happen, won't happen'

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media on Monday. He got plenty of questions about his future, and while he did hear out the questions, he did not go into much detail in response. Here is the full transcript.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Do you have any update on S Eric Reid and how he's feeling?

"He's going to see the neurologist tomorrow and have an update by then."

Is there added concern just because of the issues he had last year with a couple concussions as well?

"Yes. I believe this is his third. Again, that's in the hands of the doctors, et cetera. Concerned? Yes."

You guys had so many injuries on Saturday. Will you have to make some roster moves just to get out there and play Sundayagainst the Cardinals?

"Yeah, it's possible."

Anything you can share from that yet?

"No. We'll hold off on what those will be. But that's very possible."

Did CB Perrish Cox, did he sustain a shoulder injury of some sort?

"Yeah, he had something with the AC (joint)."

Is he going to be available or is he -- ?

"We'll see. I know we can go through quite a list here of guys. We'll see how it's progressing today and tomorrow. We've kept the doctors busy."

When you look at the film - you talked about the competitiveness - did you see that on the film? The guys are still playing hard, the effort is still there?

"Oh, gosh, yeah, you stand with them. There's warriors out there. You stand with them. Great fight. They continue to do that. Very competitive in the game no matter what the circumstances are. Playing a team that's really peaking at a very good time in the Chargers and the week before that the Seahawks. Heartbreaking to lose the last game. That was, as we said afterwards, not a lot to say about it. There really was a lot to say about it when you watched the game and watched the film of the game. Guys were playing all out."

I know you want to win every game, but what, in your mind, is the difference between an 8-8 season, to just be .500, then be below .500 and finish the season under .500?

"It's the holiday season. Let's hug our families and go get a win here. Have that opportunity to do that. Win the football game, that's a great opportunity."

You guys had 28 points at halftime and you only scored seven afterwards. You've scored 40 points after halftime in the last nine games. Lot of people point to that and say, ‘These guys are not making proper halftime adjustments,' pointing to their coaching. Is that a fair critique?

"Any critique or criticism, we don't deflect it. It's not what we're interested in doing. I was proud of the team. We didn't finish the game. We ran out of a little bit of gas. But, no. I'm not saying it's an unfair critique or a fair critique. It's a critique."

You had T Anthony Davis back and it led to a big game on the ground. What does his presence do for that offensive line? Does he give that group a little bit more attitude out there with his physicality?

"You know, he did a good job. I thought our offensive line as a whole really played well. I saw that with the way they were coming off the ball and the holes that were being opened up and protection was improved. So, yeah I think Anthony definitely played a part in that."

This is your only season with the 49ers where you won't have a winning record. Do you have any thoughts or feelings about that?

"That's football [Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist] Lowell [Cohn]. It's not always going to be sunny and happy. That's the game of football that I know. But, that's chins up and you're attacking this week, enjoying this week and enjoying the opportunity that we have to play this game."

We've asked you a lot about your job situation. Yesterday, FOX Sports reporter Jay Glazer put a timeframe on it, said 24-48 hours after your final game. I know you only talk about the job you have, but did the 49ers come to you and say that Michigan has made contact with them and ask you if you were interested?

"As you know, I have not participated in any of the speculation, the unnamed sources, the rumors. I would ask you to have Jay Glazer go back and ask his source for more clarification. But, I haven't participated and I don't intend to now. This has been a good 12 months of this kind of thing, so no reason to start now. Does that answer your question?"

Well, the question was did the 49ers, somebody with the 49ers management or ownership come to you and say, "Michigan has officially made contact with us, is that something that you're interested in?"

"What will happen, will happen. What won't happen, won't happen. I work at the pleasure of the organization and I will let them have the floor on that."

Do you have the sense though, can you say that this is your final game as head coach of the 49ers?

"Like I said, what will happen, will happen, what won't happen, won't happen. Like the players, like the coaches, we are dedicated to doing our job. Finish what you start and that's the mindset."

As far as timing goes, would you like it to be - get through this week, get through getaway day on Monday and then on Tuesdaystart approaching these what-happens-next type of scenarios?

"I'm not into the speculation or really ever have been."

Is this a strange week for you with all of this? Perhaps you might be coaching these guys for the final week and without a playoff game in sight.

"Talked about that earlier and we'll attack it."

Tomorrow's your birthday. Anything planned for that?

"Practice. Great day of meetings and practice. I'd like those to be the best of the year. Best meetings, the best practice of the entire year, that'd be great. That'd be a great present."

There are some players that may also be in their final year, time with this team. RB Frank Gore probably most notable. Is there anything as a head coach for you to do differently this week to kind of recognize any of those players? I know this is kind of new territory not going to the postseason and ending so early?

"Well, again, not to speculate on what your question is there, but definitely this is...We know this is going to be the last week of the season and I'm going to enjoy them. I'm going to enjoy all the players, enjoy the coaches, enjoy the staff, enjoy all the people in the building that I really love and enjoy being around, trainers and front office people. The entire organization. Spend time with the scouts that are in town. Just everybody. Just enjoy it."

Do you feel happy these days?

"Not happy. Football is not fun when you lose. That's a heartbreaking thing. Then there's a new week and a new opportunity and I definitely get happier and happier as that new opportunity approaches. So, win the next game. That's our mindset."

I didn't only mean football. Please bear with me a moment. Like if someone said to me, ‘Lowell, are you feeling happy?' I would think - am I happy in my life this week, this month, the way things are going. I kind of meant that.

"OK. Well, I can answer that."

I'd love you to.

"I am so proud to report to you that I have the best wife, Sarah Harbaugh, and six wonderful children and proud to report that my future will always be bright with the family that I have."

You mentioned a year of this reporting unnamed sources, whatever. Have you had to resist, and I can say, yeah, you have not participated in any of it, has it been hard to resist maybe shooting back a little bit?

"That's a good question. That's a very good question."

And go ahead if you want to.

"The high road's the only road I know. I'll just keep on that one."    

Have you told your family members or your agent or anybody, have you told them let's just stay out of it? I'd imagine they're not thrilled with it.

"Yeah, I think we've covered the ground pretty well, pretty thorough here. And I'm going to enjoy you too."

I was waiting for that.

"Yeah." [Laughter]

One more injury, LB Aldon Smith did not have a concussion in the game?

"As we talked about the other day, or did we talk about this after the game? Yeah, he came off, was evaluated, and was cleared to go back in the game."

OK, so he's good to go for the Cardinals game?

"To answer your question, they wouldn't have put him back in the game if he had a concussion, no. He was evaluated without a concussion."

But you don't know if he has any symptoms that have surfaced since?

"No, I don't."

What brought former NFL RB Franco Harris in?

"I don't know. I don't know. [Former 49ers LS] Brian Jennings was the one that told me Franco was here and he talked to him up in the box, but I'm not aware of the reason."