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Trent Baalke, agent Doug Hendrickson each address Aldon Smith situation

We've got a few more updates about Aldon Smith's situation, as far as the reports of him drinking at Ray McDonald's house.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Earlier today, a report came out saying Aldon Smith was at Ray McDonald's house drinking with him several hours after an incident in which McDonald may have sexually assaulted a female acquaintance. Since then, there has been some confusion about the situation. We don't have complete clarity, but we're starting to get a better idea of things.

First for clarification is Aldon Smith's probation terms. According to Matt Barrows, Smith's probation states that he cannot have any alcohol in his system when driving. Barrows reported the terms did NOT prohibit general drinking. There had been previous reports he could not drink at all, and that he could not visit a liquor store. According to Barrows, the search warrant affidavit said Smith and McDonald went to a store to buy vodka and cranberry juice. The affidavit is not guaranteed to be facts, but is something to at least keep in mind.

Since then, Smith's agent, Doug Hendrickson, spoke with Cam Inman:

General manager Trent Baalke was on 95.7 The Game earlier this afternoon, and he opened by discussion Smith's situation:

On Aldon Smith situation:

Well, once again, I think there's a lot of speculation out there, and I'm certainly aware of the report, and in the process of looking into it at this time. I'll leave it at that. I haven't read everything that's out there, but certainly am aware of it.

On how they'll handle this in light of releasing Ray McDonald:

I don't even know at what point, once again, I don't know everything that's out there, I don't know at what point he was involved at the house, not at the house. We're certainly going to look into it. In this situation, I think, there are different situations, and we treat each situation differently, but yet we're certainly going to look into it.

On concerns there is a double standard:

Absolutely not. And I think anyone that knows football, and not saying that you don't, but I think anybody that has seen Ray McDonald play, Ray's played at a very high level for a long time. So I don't look at it as, you've mentioned there, that at all. There's a report out there, an alleged report out there, and I have not gotten all the facts, have not seen the report, and as I soon as I do, we'll make a decision on what direction we're going to go.

On why McDonald was released if it's alleged:

I've gone through that with the media before. I don't know exactly what report you're referring to with this. Right now all I've seen is an actual report, somebody wrote an article, I should say, relative to putting Aldon at the scene. So, what I'm doing is looking into it, and really there's nothing more to discuss. We're going to look into it, and as I said earlier, we're aware of it and we'll see where this goes (and hasn't seen the actual affidavit yet).

On McDonald out of a job without seeing affidavit:

I take that back, can we get Damon Bruce back (laughing). In all seriousness, I'm not trying to make light of this. All these situations we take seriously. All I can tell you at this time is we're aware of it, we're looking into it, and there's really nothing more to say on it.

And so, we're once again left waiting to hear more about what is going on. The 49ers are looking into this, and we'll likely hear more in the coming days, weeks, and/or months. The one thing I do know is that nobody should ever go to Ray McDonald's house ever again. Players, if you want to hang out with McDonald, do it far away from his house because clearly nothing good comes of going there!