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It is time for the airing of grievances

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For the Seinfeld fans out there, today marks the noted holiday of Festivus. The holiday created by Frank Costanza includes a pole instead of a tree, and then includes feats of strength and the airing of grievances. Given how awful this 49ers season has gone, it seems only fitting that I provide an open thread for the airing of grievances.

We could spend all day on just the Harbaugh/York/Baalke grievances, and I'm sure plenty will. After three straight trips to the NFC title game, and one Super Bowl appearance, the San Francisco 49ers have turned into a train wreck this season. Many blame Jed York, but blame can be spread far and wide. This situation involves egos on all sides, and it has ruined what could have been a Super Bowl season. It is infuriating, and yet I have reached the point where I am less angry, and more just worn out and hoping it all ends soon.

There are plenty of grievances to be had concerning offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Some will go after Roman, some will go after Colin Kaepernick. But it is safe to say there will be grievances about the offense. And of course the injuries are another grievance, although that is more just railing about the general issue more than anybody in particular. Although Tramaine Brock's nagging injuries are certainly something that piss people off.

Or perhaps you are more inclined to look at the bigger picture, and rail on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell? The NFL has had its fair share of shadiness over the years, but it all seems to be coming to a head under Goodell. The arrogance of the league has been on full display this year. The Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson situations have been specific problems, but the bigger problem is seen in the league imposing a new conduct policy with only limited feedback from the union. It is on the union for not having the power or will to force more, but either way, Goodell is only there for the interests of the owners. Rail away!

What grievances do you have for the year that has been?