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Anthony Davis tweets about Greg Roman

With only one game left, it would appear the gloves are starting to come off. So it begins...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers train wreck of a season is coming to an end, and naturally it would be one of the more blunt 49ers who decides to make a bit of a statement. Right tackle Anthony Davis shot a couple tweets out into the world, and basically is saying, have at it!

He could potentially be talking about anything, but the focus will obviously be on Roman. I mean, it could be a shot at Jonathan Martin, who struggled in place of Davis. But, there has been chatter that Jim Harbaugh's loyalty to Greg Roman might be one of the notable sticking points in the Harbaugh/York relationship.

The 49ers offense has stumbled along at times, through a combination of reasons, but Harbaugh has stuck with his offensive coordinator. It would not be surprising if some of the offensive veterans had their issues with some of the decision-making. We've heard comments from Joe Staley about "dumb blocks, dumb plays, dumb schemes", and Michael Crabtree talked about being a third down receiver. It's safe to say not everybody was on board with how this all went down in 2014.

Once the Harbaugh situation is resolved, I am sure we'll hear plenty of leaks about this and that. Assuming Greg Roman is in fact gone after this year, I would not be surprised if we get more on the record comments about his work as offensive coordinator. And even if not, we've always got Bam's tweets!