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Jim Harbaugh says he has avoided Internet, TV during 49ers drama

Jim Harbaugh provided an intriguing answer to Arizona media when asked about all the drama going on on the Bay Area. And I am inclined to believe him.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke with Arizona media on Wednesday, and he was asked about the drama going on in Santa Clara. Harbaugh provided an answer that for many people would be viewed as cliche and nothing more. For Jim Harbaugh, however, I really see no reason not to believe him:

"The interesting thing is if you don't look at the Internet and you don't watch TV, you really do not know that it's going on," Harbaugh said. "That has been exactly what I have done. Put the focus on the week of preparation, put the focus on the players and the coaches and what we are trying to get done here. It works if you really don't pick up.

"On the way home, you don't turn on the talk radio and you don't look at the Internet, you can be completely unaware that anything is swirling. I walk by people and I see their faces. I know something is going on," Harbaugh added, laughing.

Harbaugh is also convinced there has to be another American who avoids the Internet and television and focuses on the task at hand. I am sure there are such people out there, but I'm pretty sure I've never actually met them.

It's safe to say he has heard a thing or two about this whole saga, if only from family members, some of whom are probably paying particularly close attention to everything. There is going to be plenty of truth in the numerous rumors we have heard, but there will also be plenty of false information. For example, yesterday, Mike Florio wrote about speculation that Paraag Marathe would potentially join Harbaugh if he went to another NFL team. Based on all I've heard and read, that is not accurate, and is likely just a smoke screen.

I would not blame Jim Harbaugh at all for avoiding any and all media, although we obviously would prefer he check out Niners Nation from time to time!