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What is one thing you want for the San Francisco 49ers this Christmas?

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Merry Christmas! It is starting to come to an end for a lot of people (with our European and beyond readers already into the day after Christmas), and hopefully everybody had a fun day and go what they wanted out of the big day.

Earlier today, I asked people what 49ers gifts they got for Christmas. With the day winding down, I thought I'd ask a different version of the Christmas gift present. What is the one thing the 49ers can get you for Christmas that would make your day. Just to make this at least a little more creative, you cannot ask for Jim Harbaugh to stay, and you cannot ask for Jed York or Trent Baalke to be gone. And let's take the Lombardi Trophy out of the discussion since we all want that.

We could go a lot of ways with this. I think first and foremost, I just want an offseason in which 49ers players do not get in trouble with the law. The problems have been focused on just a few players, but I would really just rather have no offseason problems. Everybody enjoys themselves a bit, spends time getting ready for the upcoming season, and gets back to football in the coming year.

Another easy one would be getting Frank Gore back for another year. He is a free agent, but both sides have expressed interest in trying to get back together for 2015. Gore still has something left in the tank, and it would be great to see him get a Lombardi Trophy in San Francisco. Well, that and not play in another uniform during his career.

I'd also like to see Colin Kaepernick have a strong offseason with whatever QB coach he finds. I still think his potential is incredible, and the right situation can get him back on the track many of us expected. There are some people quick to dump Kap after this season, but I think that is very much a bad idea. They just need to get this situation figured out heading into 2015.

What can the 49ers get you for Christmas this year and in the coming year?