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Anthony Davis fairly blunt in discussing 49ers offensive problems

San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis is generally a pretty blunt person. He provided some bluntness about the 49ers offensive problems on Friday.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis tweeted out a comment Greg Roman made to him when he was 21 about how Davis was replaceable by just about anybody. Whatever Roman intended with the comment, Davis seemed pretty clearly unhappy with Roman and the 49ers offense in 2014.

On Friday, Davis had a chance to address his comments in a brief Q&A with the media. You can watch a segment of his interview over at It does not cover anything, and I would actually recommend reading over some of the articles that include some quotes. I've also pulled out a couple of the notable quotations as well:


On power offense:

"I don't think it's that complicated what we need to do. I'm just a player, and I know what we don't need ... I'm saying the power stuff the previous years worked. Maybe we tried to trick them this year ... I don't want to be closed-minded about the new coach coming in with different views, but that would seem like the simplest answer."

On Harbaugh: