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49ers-Cardinals final score: San Francisco finishes 8-8 following win over Arizona

Don Feria/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers 2014 season is officially a wrap. The 49ers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 20-17, finishing the season at 8-8. Craig Dahl clinched the game with an interception, which he then handed over to Jim Harbaugh before the game wrapped with a Gatorade bath. If you are intrigued by the potential aftermath of all this, it starts with Jim Harbaugh's press conference immediately following the game. You can watch it live at

The biggest highlights belonged to Frank Gore and Anquan Boldin. Gore rushed for 144 yards, moving past 11,000 for his career. He finished the season with 1,106 rushing yards, marking his eight such season. Boldin had 81 receiving yards, putting him up over 1,000 yards for the second straight season, and seventh time in his career. Boldin should be back in 2015, while Gore is a free agent.

It was not overly pretty at times, but it's a win and the 49ers are 8-8 and headed into the offseason. We'll have plenty more on all of this, but for now, that's a wrap on 2014. The craziness is only just beginning.