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49ers-Raiders to have extra law enforcement at O.Co Coliseum

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders square off this Sunday at the O.Co Colieum, marking their first game since a violence-marred preseason matchup at Candlestick Park. Following that game, the preseason series between the two teams was cancelled, with no specific plans for bringing it back.

This first matchup since will feature plenty of both 49ers and Raiders fans, and the Coliseum is preparing for problems.

Ideally, this will all be for naught, and there will not be any problems. Of course, I am not really holding my breath on that one given the dynamic between 49ers and Raiders fans. Both sides have fans who can get incredibly out of hand with their behavior. Some of it can be blamed on booze, some can be blamed on gang issues, but whatever the reason, there have been numerous problems. Let's just hope both sides can behave themselves on Sunday.