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Patrick Willis discussed toe injury and recovery

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis chatted with the media on the final day before players went their separate ways. He provided an update on his toe rehab.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers had their exit interviews and final physicals on Monday, and players have since gone their separate ways. On that final day, players spoke with the media about the season that was, and what is next for them and the team. One such player was Patrick Williswho discussed trying to convince Justin Smith to return, and the progress of his toe rehab.

Willis said it has been seven weeks since he had surgery. He is currently wearing a boot, but plans on removing it after approximately three more weeks. After that he will be able to wear a shoe again. He said he will wear a shoe for a month after that, at which point he hopes to be able to take the "training wheels" off and see what he can do.

Back when Willis first posted post-surgery pictures, we got a general rehab timetable from socalisteph. It had him back to football action in the best case of 4-5 months. It could take longer than that, but if the best case bares outt That would put us in the early part of the offseason workout program. Odds are pretty good he will not be overly involved in the program, instead working to be ready for training camp. Ideally he will be good to go for the start of training camp, but we probably will not know much for certain until late Jult gets here.