Worried the 49ers are becoming a very unattractive employer

Over the last few days one thought keeps returning to me: is the 49ers organization in big trouble of becoming a very unattractive employer? If so, then I think our ability to land elite coaching talent will be greatly hurt.

Remembering back to Mike Singletary's last season at the helm, there were numerous leaks to the media that undercut Samurai Mike's last few days. We all remember the infamous "rat" tirade, and guess what, most media members opined it was Jed York. Check out this article from 2010:

Now, four years later, rumors are once again swirling that Jed York has been leaking information to the media to undercut the Niners' head coach. That's a huge problem. That constitutes incredibly poor organizational leadership and a fundamental breach of trust. It also begs the question, why would a top-flight coaching candidate with multiple options choose the 49ers? Because really, who would want to deal with that? The only type of candidate I can think of is a desperate one.

Winning with class does not include leaking information to the press about your employees. And if this is indeed Jed York, he is greatly hurting the Niners ability to acquire elite coaching talent.

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