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Happy New Years from Patrick Willis, Colin Kaepernick at the 49ers facility

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Happy New Year! Well, happy almost New Year!

It was not a remotely happy year for San Francisco 49ers fans, as the team went downhill in a hurry. It started with a heart-breaking loss to the Seattle Seahawks, coupled with NaVorro Bowman's knee injury, was followed by rumors Jim Harbaugh might be traded to Cleveland, moved on to Vernon Davis and Alex Boone holding out, and only got worse. The year has wrapped with Jim Harbaugh getting ousted (mutually!) and the 49ers beginning their search for a new head coach.

All in all, it was pretty awful as a 49ers fan. Fortunately, tonight marks the turn of the calendar, which means we can start looking ahead to 2015. For many, the malaise of 2014 will carry over, but hopefully we can at least try and consider positives that could come in 2015. And if you can't, drink up and just try and forget it for a little bit!

The 49ers season is a wrap, and a lot of players are going their separate ways. Players and coaches cannot work together at this point, with the only exception being strength and conditioning folks keeping an eye on players in the facility weight room. Colin Kaepernick and Patrick Willis were two players who have stuck around for a little bit to get some work in. They posted this picture earlier on New Years Eve. Both will have offseason programs away from the facility, but for now, they are getting in one last workout before the end of the year. The picture included this caption:

No matter what The grind never stops, WE WILL be better than 2014...Happy early New Years!!!!!!!@kaepernick7 #humblebuthungry #alwaysbelieve #blessed #letsgo #GGI