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49ers coaching search: Adam Gase to interview Friday

The San Francisco 49ers have another interview lined up. Adam Gase is expected to interview with the team on Friday.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers coaching search is rolling along with everybody under the sun interviewing or connected to the job in some way or another. The team will conduct an interview on Friday with Adam Gase, according to multiple reports. He is also expected to interview with the Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears this weekend.

Adam Gase spoke with the media on Wednesday as part of the team's bye week media schedule. Cam Inman has a few of the quotes related to the coaching search. These would appear to be Gase's first interviews for a head coaching job. He drew the interest of Cleveland last year, but declined to interview. Although the Browns showed some signs early this season, they stumbled late and it turned into its usual dumpster fire.

The 49ers situation has raised questions given how quickly they pulled the plug on Jim Harbaugh. At the same time, there is a lot of talent there. As an offensive mind, I have to think Gase would love an opportunity to work with Colin Kaepernick and that crew. It remains to be seen how much of Denver's success can be attributed to Gase given the involvement of Peyton Manning, but he is going to get his opportunity.

Jed York hammered home the point about wanting a "teacher" as the next head coach, while also wanting someone who will be around for the next decade. If successful, Gase certainly could fit the latter category. The question is if he works in the former. He could very well be a teacher in spite of his age, but it is easy to see why people might be a little bit skeptical.

Any young assistant without head coaching experience is going to be a mystery to a certain extent. We can make numerous assumptions, but we really can't tell for certain what to make of anything. It would be a crap-shoot.