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Tarell Brown talks Jim Harbaugh, 49ers offense, Vic Fangio and more

Former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Tarell Brown chatted with Bay Area media on Wednesday. He had a chance to discuss plenty about his old team as he prepares to face them with the Oakland Raiders. We have a full transcript.

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The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, and that means the first interaction with cornerback Tarell Brown since he left in free agency. The 49ers seemed content to move on from Brown and Carlos Rogers, and the secondary has been solid since their departures.

Brown had plenty to say on Wednesday, including some discussion about the Jim Harbaugh drama, Frank Gore and the 49ers offense, and Vic Fangio's work back during the lockout. We've got a full transcript, and you can also listen to it HERE.

On extra meaning for playing former team:

Nah, it's just a normal game for me. You try to approach every game the same way, prepare throughout the week, and get yourself ready to play. Go out there and try to have the best game you can.

On transitioning to new team after career with 49ers:

It's definitely different, something you have to adjust with on the fly. Being there for seven years, that's all I knew. Going somewhere else, other coaches, locker room is different, atmosphere is different. Everything overall is different, but the good thing is you adjust to it, you learn, and you take the good and the bad with both, and just try to adjust and make the best out of every situation you're put into.

On working with Charles Woodson:

Oh, it's amazing. Just being able to come in early with that guy. We're two early birds, so we like to get in early and get our work in. Just watching him approach the game after 17 years, and the hunger and the passion that he still has for it. How he flies around on Sundays, and just seeing the guy that you see on TV, and you see why he's so successful in this league because he puts in the work throughout the week to make him successful on Sundays.

On Harbaugh rumors and if it surprises them:

Well y'all know, as we know in this profession, so many rumors come and go through the league as far as players, as far as coaches as well. So you can't really harp on that or get to deep into that because you never really know. There are always rumors until something else prevails, and something else happens. For me, from afar reading into it, I don't read too much into those things until I see it happen. Then I'll take it for what it's worth and go from there. But I think having a coach like that, with an organization and as much winning as he's had, and the ability to come in and change the organization around, I wouldn't think that they would get rid of a type of guy like that. But you never know. This business is up and down, and you just wait and see what happens.

On if he enjoyed playing for Harbaugh:

Oh yea, most definitely. He's a great coach, he's a great competitor. Just being around him, day in and day out, you see why guys like to play for him, why guys try to understand him as far as being a competitor. Us as players, we don't always agree what the coaches might think, or the coaches decision. But at the same time, you know that he's trying to put his best foot forward, and trying to help the team. And he's always been the type of guy who's always been about the team. He's not about one player, or one coach, or one decision or whatever.

On Frank Gore:

I think he's the guy that keeps the train rolling, to be honest with you. Every successful game that they've had this year, he's started the game off physical and running the ball. And they've had a great job of doing that, and that's the identity of their offense; to be physical, to run the ball, get the ball in his hands, and then the rest of the passing game feeds off of that. So my opinion, Frank is the train that runs that offense.

On Vernon Davis struggles and potentially injury related:

Oh yes, it's always something. What people don't realize is that each year, you can't live in the past, each year is a new past. You'll deal with different types of injuries, you'll deal with different types of setbacks, different types of obstacles to overcome each year. It's not gonna always be that magical year every year you come out and play football. The thing that I can see with Vernon is that he's trying to stay consistent and come in and try to do his job. I think being a player that's used to getting the ball multiple times, and so many weapons on the offense, it definitely takes away from your opportunities. But at the same time, you have to take advantage when you do get the opportunities. Those guys, and Vernon included, it's only one football and there's a lot of athletes out there that can make a lot of plays. They just have to go out and do their jobs.

On 49ers deep threat with Vernon struggling:

I think all the guys do a good job of making plays. I wouldn't just pinpoint one guy and say he's the deep threat guy. I think Kap spreads the ball around really well, gets the ball into his playmakers hands, and let those guys do the rest. We have to come out and play a physical game. We have to come out and be fundamentally sound and disciplined in our checks and our reads to have a successful day. All those guys, so many weapons on the offensive side of the ball, all those guys can potentially hurt you. Can turn a short gain into YAC yards really quick. For us, we have to be sure tacklers, be physical, and just come out and play Oakland Raider football.

On 49ers offensive struggles:

All I really watch is the games and the film study. I don't really look into their stats from last year, or those kinds of things. All I can see is guys out there making plays. Still over .500, 7-5 team, a team that can still get into the playoffs. A team that's still capable of coming out and being an explosive offense. A team that's capable of getting a lot of turnovers. For us, and me included, you just gotta be fundamentally sound and do your job. You have to win your one-on-one battles. Like you said, bringing in a lot of different weapons, there's only one football to share around, so a lot of guys have to be unselfish in that way, and just try to help in different areas. So that's what I kind of see from that offense. I see guys making plays, I see guys doing whatever it takes to get a win.

On the job Vic Fangio did in 2011 after lockout:

Well, bringing in a group of guys that have never played together, didn't really have a full offseason together. But one thing you can say about Coach Fangio is that he's an amazing coach, he has an amazing staff with him. And he's a very, very bright guy. He picks up things really well, puts guys in position to make plays, and it's your job to go out there and make the plays. I think he's doing a great job this year with the same thing, losing a guy and bringing guys in, and having guys step up and make plays as well. I wouldn't see anything different from him. I know he's a very aggressive coach, has aggressive play-style calling. He's always been a great defensive-minded coach, and always been a great defensive coordinator in my eyes.