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Better Rivals podcast: Kap, Raiders, Mailbag

This week David and Oscar provide the postmortem on the debacle against Seattle, preview the upcoming game against Oakland, and bring you the very first Better Rivals Mailbag.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, we discuss Colin Kaepernick’s poor performance against Seattle, try to find some redeeming qualities for a terrible Raiders team, and answer all of your questions in the first ever Better Rivals mailbag. Should the 49ers cut their losses and axe Harbaugh? Why don’t the 49ers run more screens? Which veterans will be moving on in free agency? Can you keep a T-Rex off the field? All that, plus who emerges victorious from Hunger Games: 49ers edition?

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The Rundown - Injury Updates: 4:31
Seattle Breakdown - Kap's terrible day: 12:29 
Oakland Preview - If we lose David is on suicide watch: 30:09
The Mailbag: 39:38