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UCF Hail Mary win means Bruce Miller gets to talk some smack

While some of us were engrossed in the Dallas Cowboys win over the Chicago Bears (well, at least part of the game), college football had a wild finish in the American Athletic Conference. UCF beat East Carolina 32-30 thanks to a Hail Mary at the end of the game. ECU had stormed back from a 26-9 fourth quarter deficit to take a 30-26 lead. However, UCF got the last word in, thanks to a wild Hail Mary.

The San Francisco 49ers have players representing both skills, fullback Bruce Miller and practice squad wide receiver Lance Lewis. It sounds like there might have been a friendly wager between teammates.

If you missed the game, it was not just a Hail Mary. Check out No. 39 in this GIF. He is already starting to take his helmet off before the play is even finished. I don't even know what to say about this. Well, other than, I hope Lance Lewis is ready for some black and gold.

Fooch's Update: The defensive back says he was not taking off his helmet, but instead just trying to avoid pass interference.