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Only two days till hopefully some kind of 49ers emergence

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are a couple days away from facing the Oakland Raiders in hopes of getting back on the winning track. I'm sure we'll have plenty to keep us anxious on Sunday, but in the meantime, we've at least got a moderately low key Friday night in front of us.

The Pac 12 title game is taking place at Levi's Stadium tonight, and we have an open thread if you that is your preferred form of entertainment. If not, I figured I would put together an open thread for discussion about whatever you want. It's been a rough week since the 49ers lost to the Seahawks. That Thursday game, win or lose, leads to what feels like a really long week before the next game. It probably feels a little longer when it's a loss.

I'm off to grab some drinks with friends and otherwise relax tonight. Figure we can recharge our batteries before game time hits on Sunday. Enjoy your Friday.