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Heavy Michigan betting results in suspending Jim Harbaugh coaching odds

Sports books are now offering odds on where Jim Harbaugh will be coaching in 2015. And now one has suspended odds due to a lot of bets on Michigan. We break it all down.

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This is kind of a random bit of news. The online gambling site has suspended betting on Jim Harbaugh coaching odds due to a "flood" of Michigan money on Friday. The money resulted in the odds dropping from 8/1 to 2/1 Friday afternoon. The site first opened odds earlier this week, and it appears initially had Michigan at 3/1 before dropping them.

There has been nothing officially connecting Harbaugh with Michigan since Brady Hoke was fired on Tuesday, but it will remain a constant source of chatter until there is some kind of resolution. reported that Harbaugh had told Michigan he was not a candidate. I have been told they are a strong source, but even the best source can get it wrong.

This wagering does not mean there is some kind of inside information on Harbaugh-to-Michigan. But it is at least a little bit interesting that numerous bets were coming in. It is possible recent hirings made Michigan fans decide it was worth getting in on the Wolverines as the eventual destination. Florida, Nebraska and Kansas all hired new coaches, removing three candidates for Michigan.

In recent days, former Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr endorsed Harbaugh as the best choice for the Michigan job. On Friday, former Michigan player Tim Brown suggested there is a strong chance Harbaugh ends up at Michigan. Of course, he also said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to go coach at the alma mater, and we know from 2011 that is not really the case. Jim Harbaugh reportedly had a shot at the Michigan job back then, and decided to go to the NFL instead.

I think if he faces another job decision after this season, he is much more likely to stay in the NFL than head back to college. It is still difficult figuring out what exactly will go down, in large part because the 49ers playoff chances leave everything open. Any potential departure would depend on when the 49ers were no longer playing. Ideally that won't be resolved for some time!

In case you're wondering, I've found Jim Harbaugh coaching odds elsewhere. is offering the following odds:

Head Coach of the 49ers: 3/1      
Head Coach of another NFL team: 1/1      
Head coach of an NCAA team: 2/1      
Anything else: 15/1