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Stevie Johnson delivers a bunch of Hot Pockets to Fantasy Work League participant

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Over the course of this season, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver has had some fun on Twitter with what he has called the Fantasy Work League. People frequently tweet about fantasy football, and often tweet at players when they perform well or poorly. He decided to turn this on its ear and start soliciting tweets from people about how they are performing at work. He randomly assigns points for different performances.

Johnson has been able to take this to another level with the help of a company he endorses. Johnson is a pitch man for Hot Pockets, and recently tweeted out this video. In it, he is delivering a whole bunch of Hot Pockets to someone who participated in the Fantasy Work League tweets (thanks to Niner1977 for pointing this out).

That is quite a lot of Hot Pockets for one man. But hey, congrats to him! And for me, this just provides as good an excuse as any to post Jim Gaffigan's jokes about Hot Pockets. This is one of my favorite bits. Hooooooot pocket!