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Sunday brings Jim Harbaugh, Michigan, Raiders rumors; Mike Singletary chatter (not to 49ers)

It's a Sunday a week after a 49ers loss, which means plenty of Jim Harbaugh chatter.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

There has been plenty of drama surrounding the San Francisco 49ers, but in recent weeks as the team was building up a win streak, that all quieted down. The 49ers lost an ugly one to the Seattle Seahawks, and ten days later we're back with more Jim Harbaugh chatter. Oh, and there is a random Mike Singletary rumor (that hopefully has nothing to do with the 49ers)

Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday that the University of Michigan reached out to San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. Rapoport said the officials left the meeting convinced that Harbaugh wanted to be an NFL coach. Albert Breer added that he has heard word Harbaugh is actually unhappy with Michigan because they "brushed him off" during their 2008 coach search.

Rapoport followed up on this by tweeting that there is mutual interest between Harbaugh and the Oakland Raiders. He says Oakland wants a big name, and Harbaugh has "intrigue" about the Raiders situation. Jim Harbaugh still has control over a trade, as he can refuse any deal he does not like. The question becomes whether or not the situation is forced after this season.

And just to go completely off the rails with a random story, we also had this unrelated report (I hope):

I don't even know where to begin with that last one. I'm almost speechless, so I suppose I can just present that without comment, other than to say, I have to assume Jed York is not among those owners.