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49ers-Raiders final score: Get out the fire extinguisher, it's officially a dumpster fire

The 49ers lost an embarrassing effort to the Oakland Raiders in Week 14. I think we can stick a fork in this season.

And just like that, the San Francisco 49ers appear to be playing out the string. The 49ers lost to the Oakland Raiders in Week 14 by a final score of 24-13. Everything about this game was an absolute disaster that any positives one might find do not matter. I hate the idea that this team has given up on the season, but I can't think of any other explanation for what we have seen lately. This is an absolute disaster.

We could point to so many problems with this 49ers team right now, but I don't even know where to begin. Colin Kaepernick was atrocious in several areas. The offensive line couldn't do much of anything. The play-calling was baffling at times. The defense struggled to get anything resembling a pass rush. And while I won't say the 49ers didn't care about the game, there was a serious malaise. There are plenty of prideful players, but as always, this is a team effort, and there was plenty lacking in this one.

Now it is a question of what's next for the 49ers. The 49ers are 7-6, and traveling to face the Seattle Seahawks next week at CenturyLink Field. If they play there like they did against the Raiders, we might see the first ever NFL mercy rule. It is possible the 49ers actually show up for that one, but has this team done anything to make us think they can actually put together a remotely decent offensive effort against the Seahawks defense?

Technically this loss to Oakland is not a knockout, but the 49ers are out on their feet heading into Seattle. They are set up for the knock out, and I'd imagine most 49ers fans are expecting the worst next Sunday.