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49ers struggles all the more disappointing with Frank Gore, Justin Smith on the back end of their careers

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

In case the San Francisco 49ers loss to the Oakland Raiders could not get any more depressing, I had a chance to read over some of Frank Gore's post-game comments. Everybody takes a loss hard, but I don't know that anybody else is quite like Gore in how broken up they seem over it. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, and you can see how badly he takes losses.

Here are just a few of his comments:

The 49ers put together three straight years in which they had a legitimate shot at winning the Super Bowl. This year, it has all come crashing down and the team has little hope of making the playoffs. They are mathematically alive at 7-6, but would need to win out and have Dallas and Detroit both lose out. There are some other mathematical possibilities, but basically, they are on life support.

And with that, Frank Gore's chance of winning a Super Bowl with the 49ers. He could sign a small extension and things could get turned around, but for now, I'm feeling a little bit negative about that. Add in Justin Smith nearing the end of his deal (signed through 2015) with retirement as an option, and we could see two all-time great 49ers leave at some point amidst massive disappointment.

It's things like that which really make all of this all the more frustrating. If Jim Harbaugh, Jed York and Trent Baalke can't figure out whatever they need to figure out soon, we're left watching some great 49ers finish their careers in disappointing fashion. That kind of thing frustrates me more than anything else at this point. This is a team game, and somebody (or somebodies) is making this about some individual egos. And with that we are left watching Frank Gore, Justin Smith and so many other players potentially playing out the string this season.

I wish I could provide some kind of optimism after this game, but this crap pisses me off.