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Jim Harbaugh explains his chipped tooth

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

If Jim Harbaugh departs the San Francisco 49ers after this season, one thing I know most of us will miss will be the random stories and quotations he provides on a regular basis. His press conferences can be all over the place at times. He won't say much about the game itself, but he is frequently good for an amusing quip or anecdote.

That continued on Monday, as he discussed a chipped teeth that developed over the weekend. If you look at this picture, you can see a chipped teeth during his pre-game chat with Mark Davis.

Word got around that he had chipped the tooth the night before, and he confirmed that in his Monday press conference.

Speaking of eating last, did you chip a tooth?

"I did."


"Saturday night, yes. Bit into a piece of meat. There's not much of that tooth left. It's mainly bonding. I got that tooth knocked out in a football game."

What was the meat?

"A two dollar steak."

How did you get it knocked out?

"Who did it?"

How did it happen?

"It happened against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game. One of the first three plays of the game. Stepped up and I think Mr. [former Steelers LB Greg] Lloyd hit me right in the mouth."

When helmet-to-helmet was legal?

"Yeah, went helmet-to-helmet was legal."

You weren't wearing a mouth guard?

"I was, yeah. Went right through it."

Was that the close one you had against them with the Hail Mary at the end or the other one?

"That was the other one."

According to Matt Barrows, Greg Lloyd missed that season with a knee injury, so it could not be him. That resulted in this exchange with Eric Branch (who provided this interesting link from back after the game):

Jim Harbaugh seems so frequently involved in some seriously random stuff. We'll have the transcript later, but he did have one little quote:

"Yeah, as my father-in-law Merle Feuerborn says, ‘It's always darkest before the dawn.' So, this could be the first minutes of our finest hour. That's the way we approach it."

I'm not overly optimistic about that, but maybe we'll be surprised. I like surprises.