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Golden Nuggets: It May Be Over This Weekend

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

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The team has officially been poisoned. The tension that the ownership/front office and Jim Harbaugh have finally has leaked to this team. The 2014 San Francisco 49ers are officially a dumpster fire. Sure, the team is still technically in the playoff race. But does recent history lead you to believe that this team will win in Seattle and the last 2 games? I think the biggest Niner fans would say that is a long, long shot.

Now it is almost certain that Jim Harbaugh will be gone after the season with Greg Roman. This team needs changes. I would prefer Jim to stay. He is a great coach. I don't even think that is debatable. But the front office has issues with him. It doesn't help that he supports Greg Roman unconditionally. With his Thanksgiving tweet, it now seems that Jed York has issues with Jim. The only debatable part of this is how he leaves. Do the Niners trade him or does he get fired? The consensus is that they will try to trade him, he will reject the trade, and then the team fires him.

This team had high hopes to begin the season. That seems like ages ago. Injuries and a high profile suspension seemed to be the biggest reason for concern. But it was not. The play on the field from the offense became the reason that this team is not going to the playoffs. The QB play has been subpar. Colin Kaepernick has shown to play well in the biggest stages, but this year he has not. Of course it is not all his fault, but as QB, he takes the most blame. His OL hasn't blocked anyone. His receivers let him down multiple times. His coaching has been abysmal. But Colin has to take responsibility. His press conferences make it easy for people to target him and probably adds more pressure on him. He's not having fun out on the field. This offseason, he needs to find his spark. Defenses adjusted to him and it's up to him to adjust right back. I still have faith in him going forward. I've seen what he is capable of.

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