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Idiot fans burn Colin Kaepernick jerseys, young kid shows how to be reasonable

49ers fans are upset, and some of them are reacting in an ugly way. Fortunately some people are reacting a bit more reasonably.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are in a tailspin right now, with the offense struggling week in and week out. Naturally, this has fans incredibly frustrated, and some of those fans are lashing out in ugly ways. Here are a couple examples of these so-called fans:

I normally don't play the "real fan" card because I think every fan cheers for the team in their own way. However, jersey burning has almost always struck me as being in incredibly poor taste. I suppose burning the jersey of a player who has gone to prison, or something along those lines is a little different. And I do get that it's just a jersey. But the whole thing strikes me as a childish reaction to a game. We get passionate about the 49ers, and it is easy to get a little angry when things go bad.

But leave it up to provide a little perspective. You can blame Kap for some of what has gone down with this offense, but to turn that into burning his jersey just strikes me as ridiculous. I find it to be childish, moronic behavior. You don't have to necessarily be like this kid sporting a Kap t-shirt after Sunday, but can you really justify burning this stuff? Remember, things could change at some point, and you could end up being these idiots.